Ghana Month: Wearing Ghanaian clothes is not enough; we need to reorient our minds – Akofa Edjeani

Ghana Month: Wearing Ghanaian clothes is not enough; we need to reorient our minds – Akofa Edjeani

Actress and producer, Akofa Edjeani has called on Ghanaians to develop a new mindset for the growth of the country.

As part of the Ghana Month celebration throughout the month of March, the actress requests that the citizenry inculcate a positive perception about the Ghanaian movie industry and help improve it.

According to her in an interview on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning, putting on Ghana-made products is not enough to celebrate the uniqueness of the country throughout the month.

“If we’re celebrating Ghana, it’s not just enough to be wearing the beads and the Ghanaian clothes. We have to reorient our minds. You can be wearing them and still not Ghanaian or African enough in your mind. So, we need to reorient our minds, and we should know that we have only one Ghana, and we need to build it up.”

Aside from that, Akofa also demands that the movie sector be improved as a demonstration of honour for the country.

“Talking about Ghana again, we should have our own film industry. We should build the film industry. Why did we sell the film hub that we had? We sold it off, and now we don’t have a place. If we’re talking about Ghana, we should bring the things that will benefit Ghana,” she requested.

To buttress Akofa’s suggestion on the show, actor Mawuli Semevo noted that theatre is a major contributor to a country’s success. As a result, a country that attempts to hinder theatre imposes a catastrophe upon its development.

“Talking about orientation, I want to use this opportunity to say, yes, we need to orient ourselves, but is it not true that somebody said that we should ponder over this? ‘Any nation that sought to suppress theatre has never developed socially, politically, economically, or democratically,” he counselled.

Mawuli Semevo – Actor

Based on their experience in the movie industry, they think Ghana’s film industry is gradually losing relevance.

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