Who is taunting Sarkodie?

Who is taunting Sarkodie?

Who are the people taunting and haunting Sarkodie so much that he has focused his lyrics on addressing them?

In case you haven’t noticed, Sarkodie has dedicated much of his music to his haters.

His latest song, ‘Otan,’ is no exception.

Sarkodie in the desert
Sarkodie in the desert

In the track, the musician is heard pouring out his feelings about antagonists in his musical journey.

In all of this, he says he looks to God for sustenance.

“Let your angels cover me every day, na Otan hunu adorsu.”

This has triggered the question, who is that one person with a career-long hatred for this man?

JoyNews‘ Features Editor Joojo Cobbinah combs through his verses and has more in this report.





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